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Adventure Games

From the creators of Battle Games and Battle Ninja we have created Adventure Games.

 We have designed and built Adventure Games for all of our Mini Battle Ninjas & Battle Games stars.

This program is specifically designed and created for all of the Mini Adventure game participants.

AG is designed to develop Physical, Cognitive & Social Skills as well build Emotional intelligence for our kids.

This gives your kids a great way of learning at the Bfirm Arena - because it’s built for kids, it will build there Resilience, Determination and amazing Confidence.

A great start for Adventure Gamers.

The course will be adjusted to suit the needs and ages of all students to make sure that it is done in a safe and fun environment and the course has links to the Australian Curriculum.

Adventure Games APPLICANTS

Is there an Adventure Games participant in your household, or someone you know who might enjoy the program?

Link through below for latest AG programs.

Adventure GAmes Bookings