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Battle Games

Action packed school holiday programs for ages 7 – 17

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Kids will have a blast making new friends, climbing, crawling, running, hanging and laughing through our obstacle course. When their bodies need a rest we will be engaging their brains with code breaking, compass reading, memory challenges and much much more.

Information for Parents


**When registration has been confirmed, please complete the 3 forms below and bring them to the session. Parents MUST bring the signed waiver and medical forms to registration on your child’s first day of participation . NO FORMS NO PLAY.

1. Participant Waiver

2. Participant Medical Form

3. Mission Essentials

On the Day

Please ensure you prepare for a full day of activities. Dependent on the season and daily weather forecast, follow our recommended Mission Essentials information. Even if it’s raining, the program continues.

If you have additional or specific questions that are not addressed in the Mission Essentials, please direct them to battlegames@bfirm.com.au

Important notes:

Check in no earlier than 8:45am
Kids need to bring their own recess and lunch food.
Our dedicated crew are extremely busy on Mission Days making sure participants have an unbelievable, happy and safe time! We are not in a position to follow up no-shows.

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